You have finally found paradise, Panama.

You will discover one of the lesser known countries by travelers and yet ravishes all visitors. Many people have heard about the famous Panama Canal, but you should know this is not the only wonder to be found in this place.

The capital of the Republic is Panama City, where three clearly identifiable areas can be found. To the east of the city center you will find the archaeological remains of the original city of the sixteenth century called Panama Viejo. On the other hand, in the west you will find the colonial town, which is called Old Town and is included in the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Finally, in the center it is possible to find the modern part of the city that impresses tourists and is a clear sign that Panama has undergone a tremendous development in recent times. This area consists of high skyscrapers, large avenues and numerous bank buildings. Remember that the capital is one of the largest banking centers in the world. In the city you can also visit the Panama Canal, where for sure you will be impressed by the number and size of the vessels that sail through it.



The real treasure of the Republic of Panama is its fascinating nature.

The Panamanian territory is characterized by its 2,500 kilometers of coastline where you can find incredible beaches, both in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Its fascinating wildlife biodiversity is distinguished worldwide. We find magical places like the San Blas archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, inhabited by the Kuna Yala natives where you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. An example of what you can find in the Pacific Ocean is the majestic Coiba Island; a place where diving and snorkeling becomes another dimension due to the absolute protection of its fauna and flora.




Not far away from Costa Rica

In the beautiful region of Chiriqui, it is possible to find volcanic mountains such as the volcano Baru (3,450 meters) which the highest mountain in the country and one of the natural sites that adventurers can visit. Coffee lovers will enjoy Boquete zone discovering the coffee that grows in those lands, characterized by it high quality but reduced production volume.

Panama presents an exceptional climate. It is characterized for being tropical with high and stable temperatures that oscillate between 79 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit all year round and high humidity. This fact explains the presence of the tropical rainforest all around the country.




Another attractive part in Panama City

Is the huge offer in brand names, electronics and ornaments. The prices you will find in its numerous malls are incredible. Take advantage of your stay for shopping, it will be absolutely profitable.

Finally, we will discuss one of the most important issues when it comes to sightseeing, security. The Republic of Panama is one of the safest countries in the Americas. Proof of this is that it is chosen as a place of residence for many retirees or families who want to have a second home to enjoy their vacation.

As in any big city in the world, there are areas where it is better not to move as Chorrillo or San Miguelito. Visit the Old Town on foot without any fear and 50th Street, via España or via Argentina, the main areas of the city where you will find many restaurants and pubs to enjoy the local cuisine or have a drink. Taking the usual precautions and having a bit of common sense should be enough to avoid unpleasant situations.